Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As members of this world, we are facing tests each moment. In fact, the word test and its signification differ from one to another. In our daily life, we find several examples of how passing a test can be. The doctor passes his test once he finishes an operation with success and when a teacher receives compliments from his students, he claims that his work has been done flourishingly. Unfortunately, we as students pass our test when we get a good grade; that it what most of students think.
A test of one hour, two or even more is nothing compared to what a life challenge is. To accomplish our goals and dreams it is necessary to do it systematically. Mentioning that stress is part of our physiognomy, it always comes at the right time and ruins our self-confidence.
Why would a student not be at ease if he were well prepared for the test? Here interferes the hugest question ever, HOW?
I am here to help you understand yourself because it always seems impossible until it is done.
First, take a paper and write down all the lessons you have studied during the latest period. Usually, the teacher informs his students about the lessons they will have to revise. After having them written on a white paper try to organize them from the one, you have understood the most to the least. Then by combining, the easier lessons to the most complicated you will be able to know which one you have to focus on the most.
Second, by exercising you become more adequate to different situations. Try to work on different situations so that we will not have that shock feeling once you receive your exam paper.
Third, seriousness is not always the best key to a good level of focus. Be yourself and feel at ease.
Finally, you have to get in contact with stressful situations. After the wise preparation you have gone through, you have to test yourself before the others would do. On the web, look for previous exams and schedule a period of time that would match the quantity of questions you have.
To conclude, it always starts by our conviction and us. Believe in yourself and your powers and there will be nothing to destroy your confidence. You will start to learn how to laugh after watching the A+ grade on your paper.

ouissal from Illinois
High School Senior
Groupe Pédagogique Alpha