Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Well in High School I take college course classes which are pretty difficult for me to comprehend as a tactile learner, so depending on the class, I have different learning styles for each class, because each style works better for others. When it comes to Math classes I always memorize the formulas then do problems I create with the formulas I've memorized. When it comes to English if it is a writing test then I practice writing, but if it's reading I practice reading the material until I can recite events that happened to questions I make without the text. If its a Science class I usually memorize the appropriate material or formulas and since its one of my worse classes I also record myself talking of the material and formulas and listen to it in the hallways and at home when I'm able as well. Then for social studies I tend to make charts and graphs connecting all the topics at hand, because usually I need to know how this connects to that. I also read over the material a few times to truly comprehend it. Then for my classes that are more like Physical Education I assure to work out to some capacity everyday to be fit enough for class, Then my more artistic classes I tend to make sure I know the material and practice creating the art in school and at home, because arts frankly my passion. Basically, everything I do assures I have learned the material not simply just memorized it. These tactics work for me because as a to be Theatre major memorization is quite easy for me. Plus these tactics have also been seen to work with great success for me.

Mary from South Carolina
High School Senior
Fort Dorchester High School