Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Regardless of how well a teacher lectures, there will be someone who fully takes home the information they need for the test. This person could be anyone, they don't even need to be "smart." When preparing for a test, what matters is attitude when entering a room, note-taking, review, and time management. Through a balance of these skills any student could succeed in the classroom when preparing for a test.

Attitude is one's inner behavior being projected outward. Some can suppress their attitude making it hard for others to see it, but one cannot hide it from him/herself. Holding a negative attitude when entering the classroom will only hinder the student's performance when trying to understand it. To push past this, it is important to accept not everything in the world is fun and easy and that thinking negative will only bring negative results. The student does not have to be happy about it, but they cannot be negative about it.

The most important skill in this is probably note-taking. Some students can survive without taking note when there are other sources holding the same information. Most of the time, something the teacher directly says will end up on the test and its important to write that down. When taking notes, use color to outline important information like formulas, explanations, or random facts the teacher says about the topic. Often times, this makes reviewing much easier and in some cases, intense review won't even be necessary because the color attachment could stand out in the student's mind.

Reviewing is important for tests because its self-testing. Grab a notebook, some index cards, search a set on Quizlet, or do whatever is best to study alone and try to understand what previously was not. Make a study group and begin learning how to help each other learn what you all struggle with.

Lastly, managing time to study and rest will help a student reach their goal. "A car can't run without gas and neither can you," is what my band director says.

Moises from Virginia
High School Senior
Matoaca High