Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Beginning my freshman year with one AP class to my junior and senior year having a range of 3-4 Honors/AP/IB classes each year, I had to learn how to prepare for tests. The first thing I do is schedule how much time I have to study before the test so I am able to effectively divide the work until then. For example, having a math test for a chapter with 7 sections, I’d take a week to study so I can study each section thoroughly and not become overwhelmed with so many sections. Another practice I take is beginning with the hardest section first so I can continuously practice it until the test date and if I am still struggling with the concepts in the section I’d have enough time to talk to my teacher about them. This leads to another point, when I’m going over any concepts I don't understand I remind myself to put a sticky note and color code it, so yellow meaning I need to ask my teacher about it, or orange for, come back and try it again to see if I 100% understand it. If it’s a class such as Anatomy or English where terms are crucial, I make flash cards and/or type out my notes after having written them so I am able to go over the information. After each day when we have learned new concepts, I make sure to go home and quickly make flashcards and begin studying so I am able to retain the information I just learned. Lastly, I suffer from pretty bad anxiety so one of the biggest contributions I have for test preparation is also something like meditation. or breathing exercises to calm me down. I also keep a positive mindset and continuously remind myself how much I have studied and how hard I worked, Having a positive mindset during tests helps relieve the stress and anxiety I have while taking tests and helps me better focus on what I'm doing. I think anxiety is a huge contributor to how well you do on a test so preparing for anxiety can greatly benefit and contribute to effectively preparing for a test.

Valia from California
High School Senior
Mission Viejo High