Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

while now having twelve years of school learning experience I can honestly say with confidence I have obtained the best tips for test/ exam preparation. to spark things off a scholar should study for understanding.an educational instructor give short answer quizzes/ tests to see how well students grasped course concepts, its meanings and effectiveness. a student cannot just memorize info and expect to do well but understand course material ; so even if you cannot remember a specific term, having a general understanding of the concept in question you still have the opportunity to develop an answer that would result in full or partial credit. the next step is to focus on topics and concepts. during presentations, try to decode the topics that will be covered on the test by looking for hints provided by the instructor as well as memorize facts that are being explored and taught. after completing this step one should try to self test themselves by creating practice questions while also studying from previous tests. an untroubled way of this is making flash cards while facts are on side while the definition is on the other. however, if you tried different studying methods but still encounter a very difficult question on an exam move on to easier ones while going back to the challenging questions later which you most likely have deciphered clues to answer from previous questions. its extremely critical to carefully read instructions for each question. if you describe when you are supposed to compare, or summarize when you have been instructed to analyze your test performance is going to decrease. when taking exams its extremely common to lose track of time; so its best to check how many questions on the test and its divided into sections. make sure to allocate a specific amount of time per section and per question as well as making time for the questions that are worth the most points. essentially don't be afraid to ask for clarification from a teacher if very dazed

crishna from Virginia
High School Senior
first colonial high school