Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Every time I sit down to study for a test, I begin by creating a study guide for myself. I write down any definitions, examples, equations, or concepts that I need to remember on one or two pieces of paper, which I save for when I have to study for final exams later on. While doing this, I reference my notes, graded assignments, past tests, and my textbook. I find that I often feel unprepared for a test until I do this, and then I realize that I either know most of the information, or at least there really isn't that much information to remember.

Once I have created the study guide, I like to choose extra problems or questions from my textbook in order to test myself on what I truly know. I have also found that the most effective way for me to commit material to my memory is by continuously writing information down on scrap paper, without looking at my notes. If there is some concept that I still don't understand, I often find YouTube or Khan Academy videos that explain the concept in a different way. While everyone must find their own methods of studying for tests, I have had excellent luck with these strategies and feel quite confident when going to take tests.

Gabriela from Michigan
High School Senior
Larchwood Homeschool Academy (homeschooled)