Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Since I’ve been in Elementary School, I’ve had a lot of problems being a test taker. I was a good student in class, I understood the material while my teachers would go over it in class, I completed the homework assignments with no problem, however, when it came time to the test or final at the end of the semester I would NEVER do well.
This problem happens continuously through middle school and carried over to High School no matter the subject. I began staying after school to gain extra assistance from my teachers hoping their assistance would boost my ability to achieve higher test scores. After months of a Math class and after school one on one help, I encountered the same results, good grades for my work in class and poor test scores. Something had to change, but I was frustrated and lost all hope that I would ever be able to fulfill my potential to get the grades I know I deserved.
Finally, my Mother has an idea of doing “mock tests” at home which would mirror the same type of pressure I would face as if I was in class with the teacher only, complete silence and a strict time limit. So days before the test was to take place I began a different method of preparing. I began timing myself alone in my room while studying and memorizing the necessary information which was required. Little by little my nerves eased up because I got used to the pressure and it no longer made me anxious. I performed these “mock tests” for 2 weeks before the real test was to occur in my class.
So the day finally came and it was test day. This was the first time I could remember that I was not nervous and felt 100% prepared. Shockingly, my new method had worked and I aced the test and I was so overwhelmed that I had tears in my eyes as did my teacher. He was genuinely proud of me because he knew how hard I had worked to overcome my anxiety and truly showed what he knew I was capable of.
It just goes to show everyone learns differently and not to give up.

Aliyah from Connecticut
High School Senior
Hamden High School