Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am a very visual learner so I need to organize my notes in a very clear pattern and spacing. I also have different test preparations skills for each of my subjects depending on weather it is a more memory intensive class or a more application based class. For example in my history classes I always use my highlighter to identify key words and dates that I need to find the definitions or memorize. Then I always write in black pen so my writhing won’t smudge as with penciled. I keep the margins of my papers free so that I can write questions to myself to find the answer for later or to test myself. That after completing my notes I will reread them and use a separate color to underline important facts hat I have not memeorized after a first time reading. Lastly I reread my notes a tbhrid time with a desperate color and box only the things I will be studying the night before a test. However, for a test that is more application based I prepare by doing as much practice problems as I can find in h text book and marking the questions that I will go over again the night before a test. I will also find extra practice problems online for from my teacher if I can. Lastly I have a study group that meets up once a week to test each other and an online group study program where we make up question for each other that can be grouped into a large practice test. I usually take this practice test in a test setting of being timed and without my notes to test myself. It helps to point me in the right direction of what i need to spend more of my time in or what I am weak in. Then because my group divides out the question naming test usually by chapters. I just need to ask the student who made he questions of the chapter for our practice test to help review the concepts with me and the group. Usually the leaders of each chapter will help run a review section on their chapter the week before a test if the chapter is very difficult. But usually my group can help me figure it before that.

Lillian from Texas
College Sophomore
Baylor University