Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are several things that I do to make certain that I am prepared for tests. One of the most important for me is to make sure I am well rested; it doesn't matter how much you've studied, if you haven't had the proper amount of sleep, you simply won't do well on tests. Along with sleeping and taking breaks, as needed, I also try to eat a balanced diet. I'm in college, so of course I eat my fair share of pizza and burritos, but I incorporate fruits and vegetables whenever I can. A proper diet fuels the brain and body.
One of the most helpful study tips came form my mom. She told me to use my wasted time to get studying in, such as when I'm doing laundry, I take a few notebooks with me. Once my laundry is done, I've had the opportunity to review notes from two to three classes. I also utilize time I may be in the cafeteria waiting on a friend to have breakfast or lunch. While I'm sitting there with my notebook open to review notes from the previous day, I watch others on their phones, most likely on social media or talking with friends about their plans for the day, I've been reviewing for 10 to 15 minutes by the time my friends arrive.
Some friends and I reserve a room in the library once per week. We discuss the lectures, first making sure everyone understands the material. Secondly we have conversations about how the material impacts daily living, (depending on the class - typically psychology or history classes). Being able to apply the lessons learned to my daily life provides me with a deeper understanding of the material which helps me to prepare for testing.
Finally, I try to live a balanced lifestyle. I make studying my priority, however, I also make time for laughing with friends, eating pizza and tacos, going to the movies or simply hanging out at the mall.
Getting proper rest, eating a balanced diet, using wait time, utilizing classmates, and balancing school work with fun have all aided me in preparedness for testing.

McKenzie from Connecticut
College Freshman
Utica College