Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have had many tests and quizzes to prepare for during my High School carrier, and will definitely have many more as I enter college! Testing has never come easy to me. I am the kind of person who will get very high grades in the class up until the test, and then bomb the test. I have learned that I need to study a little bit every night leading up to the test. When I need to memorize facts, I like to come up with little sayings to help me remember the information! When I need to learn how to do problems for math, I usually study by taking the one problem on the review sheet and changing the numbers so that I can do the same steps many times over! I love preparing using Khan Academy, because you can pause the video and resume when you have finished the problem, and they will go through it with you. As a musician, I often study listening to quiet classical music. Something about the classical soothing genre helps me calmly study and figure out problems without getting frustrated. History by far has been the hardest subject for me to prepare for during my high school career. I have learned that I need to take notes as I read the textbook, and then read the notes I took before bed a few nights before the reading quiz to help me retain the information. I do the same with books I read in english. Sometimes I read the sparknotes or litcharts summary before I start the reading to that I know what to look out for before I start the chapter. Other times I read the chapter and read the summary, and the summary helps me remember the important highlights that I will need to remember. Of course I don't spoil the book for myself when I am reading for pleasure, but when I am reading for school I need to make sure I remember every detail! My study habits have helped me maintain a high GPA throughout my high school career to prepare me for college!

Elizabeth from New York
High School Senior
Charles O. Dickerson High School