Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When a company makes a new product, do you want them to make sure it works first, or just put it up for sale and hope nothing bad happens? Personally, I want them to test it out. This is how I think of tests- I have learned new knowledge and I am just making sure I learned it before I go repeating incorrect information or methods of problem solving.
Everyone learns differently, but usually in some combination of visual, hands on, or audio. This is important to remember when studying, because the most efficient way to spend your time may not be poring over your notes by just looking at them, or only rewriting the important formulas over and over. You may need to hear it again, see it used, or work out a few problems with paper and pencil in order to find order in the chaos!
I try to prep with a little bit of everything. First I read over my notes, and rewrite bits like formulas or important pieces of information-did you know the act of writing something can help you remember it? I may also try to paraphrase to prove to myself I understand it. If I don’t feel confident in my knowledge base at that point, I try to find an online forum where people are talking about the subject -they usually will reiterate whats important to know, maybe in a different way than my professor. Then, if I STILL don’t feel confident, I find a related video lecture or experiment! Most of all, though, I try to keep my test stress down by not overthinking it and being confident that I will do my best. I think stress is the largest reason why people who prepare fail tests, so it’s the biggest thing to work on. Prepare yourself, but be confident!!

Riley from Maryland
College Freshman
Cecil College