Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Being a biology major, I have to memorize specific processes and equations, and how things work. When trying to study for tests, I find that the common tricks of flash cards don’t work on me. Instead, I take a different route. I rewrite my notes several times to try and get it stuck in my mind. This especially helps with the processes and equations. Then, I put my notes away, and try to recreate the process, diagram, or equation. If I struggle at certain parts, I circle them so I know what to look back at in my notes.

I also find it’s useful for me to try and explain specific things to a friend or family member. They say that if you can explain something to someone who knows nothing about it, then you truly understand the content. Being forced to break down what you’re talking about to someone who has no idea about it reinforces your understanding of the topic.

Another small trick I use is to make pictures or words that can help me remember things. For example, I have to know which vitamins are lipid soluble (meaning they’re broken down by fats). These vitamins are A, D, K, and E. To remember this, I rearrange them into the word KADE. It helps enormously on a test, as it’s much easier to remember a word than to remember 4 individual vitamin names.

Amanda from North Carolina
College Freshman
Hollins University