Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for a test can be easy if you do it right. Everyone works and learns different so it is important to learn which ways work best for you. When I study for test I prepare before I sit down and "dive in". I prepare the environment to fit my needs and the materials I might need within reach.
Before a test I always make a list of the topics that will be on it. If there is a practice test I can do I always do that first without using any notes or help to see where I stand in what I know and do not. I then review the parts I got wrong and make another list but this time of the things I got incorrect.After I know what topics to study I spend time practicing and reviewing through numerous ways. It is easier to study when the work is split up. For math practice works best. This means multiple days of doing the same type of problems. For english annotating documents works best. After annotating I will rewrite what I annotated and need to remember. For memorizing vocabulary flashcards with colored pens makes for a fun way to retain information. Creating outlines is an effective way of organizing the information given. Spider maps and outlines help visual learners see how information connects and how it is important. My favorite resource for studying is Khan Academy which teaches the lesson and supplies ways to practice or learn the material in different ways. Doing the same thing every time you study can get boring, which is why having all of these ways to study makes for better retention.
When I study it is important that the environment is free of distraction and comfortable .Sitting at the dining room table is comfortable but not too comfortable like a bed. If I were to sit in my room I would get distracted very quickly or fall asleep. While studying a snack to eat helps me stay concentrated. After every paragraph I read or every problem I solve I would take a bite or eat a candy. I set up my materials before getting started. This is the best way for me to study.

Madeline from Louisiana
High School Senior
Hahnville High School