Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Some of my best test preparation practices actually come from a mix of repetition and song. It sounds silly and all too easy, yes, but it has worked for me throughout high school. For example, let's say I am trying to prepare for a big math test. What I will usually do is consistently come up with a little rhyme or beat for the math formula and then find the hardest example in my coursework on the topic and repeatedly solve it on paper 3-10 times while singing the rhyme. That way, when I see a problem on the test, I can compare it to the one that I did and apply the little rhyme I made up to solve the problem. The mix of repetition of doing/seeing the problem as well as the rhyme allows me to quickly remember both an example problem and formula needed to help solve the question. This same test preparation formula can also be applied to other classes that require memorizing vocabulary words and definitions. It may be complex or confusing to some, but it is honestly what helped me to get high A's and B's in some of my hardest classes.

Jeremiah from Arizona
High School Senior
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