Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The way I start studying is by organizing myself with all the essential items I need to focus. Usually I seat myself at a desk, there I always have my water bottle, snacks, and headphones on me. Water is important to keep yourself refreshed and hydrated. At least a comforting drink by your hand should be good. I like to keep a snack optional because it is good to be well nourished when studying. Food is helpful by giving your brain energy for all the thinking you do while studying. Whatever is light and can restore your taste buds after a while should be good enough. When I study for any subject I like to organize my surroundings. I keep my laptop above my notebook and begin. Music is important for me when I study alone. I say if you were to study with music on, the music has to be without lyrics. Lyrics often can be distracting or misleading of other information. Music helps my brain concentrate and really focus on the material. Depending on the rhythm, music can help guide my brain and help it attain more information because of the melodic and powerful sounds. Organization is key when you do not want clutter to distract you. By staying organized you work flows smoother. I like to keep my papers in their correct files so that when I need to obtain them I can access them easily from their correct placement. This helps by using time more efficiently without having to look for misplaced work. Writing is important when I want to learn a specific algorithm or concept. When I write with pen and paper it helps me remember the information more since I have to think bout writing down the information. Reading and re reading again to gradually train your mind to grasp the concept. With that, this is how I like to study. It is a simple yet effective method to quickly sit down and start busting open books any where and anytime.

Edward from California
High School Senior
Archbishop Mitty