Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I find two test preparation tactics especially helpful: preparation apps (Quizlet) and video watching.

Quizlet has perhaps been the savior of my high school career. I get benefits from making my own Quizlet and it has so many options to study with that it does not get boring and dull the way that studying can often become; some of the them even seem like such as the timed matching even feel like games. Ultimately Quizlet and similar apps are extremely helpful, because they give you the ability to squeeze in just minutes of study time when you have a brief moment to spare.

Admittedly Quizlet and other apps may be helpful for vocab, but to gain a deeper conceptual understanding they are quite limited. This is where videos come in. In preparation for the SAT Physics subject test I had taken AP Physics but unfortunately I did not realize that they tested far beyond the scope of just that class. Though I do not recommend bingeing I was able to achieve a perfect 800 by watching hours on electromagnetic fields on Khan Academy. Videos (from reliable sources) can allow for a much deeper conceptual understanding than flashcard-esque studying methods and have two distinct features I find extremely helpful: the rewind ability to catch anything you missed and the ability to change the speed of the video depending on circumstance (slower for more understanding and faster for cramming).

Everyone has there own studying techniques that they prefer, but I believe that using apps to help review and learn simplistic information and videos to help with much more complex information has had a significant positive impact on my stress levels and my success.

Kai from Washington
High School Senior
North Thurston High School