Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Before I take any test, I find it necessary to clear my mind of any lingering hinderances. This means doing my dishes, checking my mail, and ensuring other responsibilities are taken care of. With hidden stressors in my mind, I can not even begin to concentrate on preparing for a test when a piece of my mind is elsewhere. Once that is done, I move toward the concrete test preparation. It is important to be at peace when studying for any test, therefore I find a serene place to study such as a park surrounded by nature or in my living room with candles lit. From there, it is imperative that I write what I know first. By letting loose all information relevant to the test on to a piece of paper allows me to establish a starting point for studying. From there, I can see what I lack in information and other concepts! The "old-school" style of a pen and paper is such a sustainable feeling of ensuring I know at least some things for my test and I can move forward in preparation. Always write what you know instead of grasping for what you do not comprehend. After that, organization of information on the scratch paper is helpful. I begin to add information from a study guide, notes, readings, etc. that add to what I know and what I need to know. This works because I add layers to my previous knowledge which helps me pull that information back again when I take the test because I had part of it before I began preparation! It is important not to doubt your mind when getting ready for a test because the mind is a powerful tool and will do nothing but help you in the end! With outside factors released, a sturdy place to study, and confidence in vital information, the test will be a breeze because you know you have done your best in preparation and it is time to put the mind to work!

Grace from Oregon
College Junior
University of Oregon