Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Proper preparation for a test is essential to get a good grade and appropriate strategies differ depending on the person. I developed a study plan my freshman year of college for the course Human Anatomy that works amazing for me. My plan starts in the classroom. Whether I am in lecture or in a lab I ensure that I am taking notes beyond what is in the bullet point slides- this seems so simple but it is so important to enhance your understanding. The night after the class has concluded, I go back through my notes and write a brief outline detailing important information from that class lecture- this will act as my personal study guide before the Exam. It is so important to read over notes from class each even if it is just for a few minutes. This allows your brain to become more familiar with the information in turn helping you retain it. Finally, a few days before the test, I will read over all the outlines I created ensuring to go back and look at sections I don’t vividly remember/ My final step is dependent on if the professor offers a study guide. If a study guide is provided I do my best to fill in all the information I know off the top of my head. Whatever information that remains unfilled is a good indicator of areas that I need to freshen up on. It is a very simple study routine however it does take time and dedication- sticking to it pays off! This specific system works for me because my brain requires repetition in order to retain information. Taking extra notes in class forces me to pay attention to details during the entirety of the lecture. Reviewing my notes and interacting with my notes(making an outline) makes the information I’m learning much more tangible. Making my studies tangible is important because I learn best in a hands on environment so this method allows me to trick my brain into thinking it is hands on because I’m “playing” with my notes.

Tara from California
College Sophomore
Santiago Canyon College