Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Pop quiz, test, exam, all words that strike fear within students far and wide. Being prepared for these fear inducers can be challenging. However, a few simple tricks can help you to remember your material just in time for your instructor to spring a pop quiz on you. For example, rewriting your notes from class can help you to retain the information that was said during lecture or class. Notes written during a quick paced environment tend to be shorthanded or brief. Rewriting them allows for the opportunity to clarify concepts you may have missed while the instructor was teaching. Better understanding of the material will lead to better test grades and application of the concepts. In addition to this, getting a good nights sleep, waking up early to have breakfast , and taking some time to breathe calmly before taking a stressful exam will allow your brain to start working prior to. The worst case scenario is that you're up all night cramming for the exam with little to eat, thus leaving you feeling anxious and foggy. Another great test practice is to make flashcards or study groups. Bouncing ideas and concepts off peers is a very productive way to figure out which concepts in particular you may need assistance with. Flashcards allow for the quick and easy access of test material without being overwhelmed with confusing information. Regardless of what test you may be taking, however you prepare, will further your education and chances at new opportunities.

Madeline from California
College Freshman
University of California- Davis