Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for a test is difficult. Students of every level struggle with test preparation. However, with careful organization and understanding of the material, test preparation can be done with confidence.
Knowing where to begin paralyzes me every time. However, throughout the years I have learned that the most important step to preparing for a test is to take a deep breathe and make a plan. Without a plan, I’m stuck. Without a plan, I start to procrastinate. But when I have a plan, I feel as though I can do anything. So, I sit down and get to work. My favorite place to study for a big test is somewhere with little to no distractions. I also find that planning when I'm going to study is extremely useful. That way, I know I have to put aside all other distractions and focus on preparing for my test. With big goals and dreams in mind, I lay aside the stress and anxiety, and focus on taking one step at a time. As I am preparing for a test, there is one thing that is extremely important to me: allowing myself to take breaks. Studying for extended periods of time always leaves me worn out and grumpy. Instead of feeling energized and prepared, I feel tired and less prepared. When I take care of myself and give myself rest, I feel more motivated and prepared. Spending 30-minute increments of time each study session truly makes a difference in the outcome. One of my dear teachers taught me that it is not the amount of time you study, rather, it is the quality of your study. When I am studying for 30-minute increments, I am not passively reading. These short study sessions take active focus in order to be effective. However, I find that the key to sharp focus is giving myself time to rest and breathe. Sure, studying for tests can be difficult. But with a little motivation, test preparation can be conquered one step at a time.

Micaiah from Texas
High School Senior