Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Being a student requires a lot of resilience, as you have to balance classes, extracurriculars, fun, life, and school work. Outside of class, there is a lot of work that teachers and professors assign, and studying that needs to be done. I have found my own study habits that help me excel, and do not have me pulling an all-nighter. My study habits are harder to carry out in practice, but all the time I push myself. The first practice that I use to study is mental: you have to tell yourself “I am going to aim for this score”, so you will study hard to reach it. You also have to push yourself to say “no” to certain activities, in order to get a head start. Another ritual that I carry out is to, when I first hear about the test, I lay out all the material that will be on the test. Sometimes, students catch themselves not studying for a certain chapter or topic that is on the test, and it costs them later. After I know what is going to be on the test, I write out a study schedule around my regular schedule to study. This may be hard, especially if you have a busy one, or another conflicting test or paper, but cut out at least thirty minutes to study every day for that topic. Then, I start studying. Depending on the subject of the test, I like to rewrite a lot of my notes, and recite them back to myself; if I have an unknown essay topic on a test, I write out questions and an outline to answer that question. I sometimes have a friend to quiz me, but I do not do this often. In a science or math based class, I do practice problems, exams, and quizzes that my professor gave me to study. The overall theme in my methods is repetition: I do not have a photographic memory in all things, so I like to go over a topic until I am thinking about it. If I am thinking about it the day and night before the test, I am ready. These methods work for me because I gain a full understanding of material that I am ready to demonstrate in a methodological way, to get the grade I am aiming for.

Sarah from New Jersey
College Sophomore
Drew University