Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

First things first, in order to prepare for a test, you need to de-stress. Both of my parents are educators and have taught me, well, more like drilled into me, the importance of a sound mind when studying. So, don't study the night before, make sure you study in small increments and not all in one night. The longer you space out your studying you'll be able to retain more information. From here, one should also take a quiz on what your learning style so that you can effectively study and customize your study plan to you. For me, I had to learn that I prefer to study with headphones on and low music because it helps me to concentrate. If you know that you get bored easily or like to move around, I would always suggest keeping a stress ball, a puzzle, or some snacks on hand. This way your hands are engaged in an activity and will help to focus your mind on the item that you are studying.
Also, remember that studying is all about repetition, don't study something one time and then assume that you'll remember it for the test! Before you start on a new topic, review the old one, just so that your brain begins to connect the topics together, this is another reason why it's better to study in smaller increments than trying to cram the night before.
The last study tip that I would give to use outside sources! Websites, student success centers, tutoring centers, private tutors, teachers, classmates, professors, a sibling, or a parent! Don't just try to rely on yourself or continue to study the wrong way when you know that your method is not working for you. A personal favorite of mine to use is quizlet. For example, say you do wait till the last minute to study for a test you know that you understand most of the materials, but you wanna run through them one more time! You can log onto quizlet, and type in a few keywords about your topic, and soon you're presented with at least 5 different sets of flashcards that you can study! Like I always say, study smarter not harder.

Lauren from Florida
College Sophomore
Seminole State College