Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In my four years of high school, I have experimented with several styles of studying. However, one method of studying that I believe works the best for me is group studying. This means finding a group of three or four peers and studying cooperatively. Collaborating and cooperating in my opinion is the most effective way to study. My top reason why is because your peers could introduce you new ideas you’ve never thought of, or they can clarify something you may not understand. In turn, you could do the same for your peers. I usually carry out group studying by choosing a convenient place like a restaurant, library, or my house. Then, me and my peers would study and discuss where are weaknesses are and address them.

I began this style of studying early in my junior year since my courses were more challenging than my freshman and sophomore classes. The studying I used in those days were independent studying, usually the night before the test. I knew that method of studying would not work, especially with harder classes. My first test in junior year was in AP U.S. history. This test was a challenge and I knew I wouldn’t understand the curriculum by studying alone. I called two of my closest friends that were taking the same class and we began having study sessions a week in advance before the test. All three of us were busy after school with sports so we decided to meet at my house at 6pm. We studied for about two hours every day. I believe in that week me and my study peers were better prepared than anyone else in the whole class. Our group was able to find each person’s weakness and we helped one another grasp confusing ideas. As a result, all three of us earned A's in the test. I planned to continue this method of studying whenever I could. Looking back at my grades from junior year to freshman and sophomore year, my junior year grades were much better. Throughout my junior year, I used my collaborative studying quite often, which made tests less worrying.

cole from California
High School Senior
Hillcrest High School