Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a biology pre-med student and now a new nursing student, I had to find ways to learn a large amount of information within a short time. I am primarily a kinesthetic and visual learner. I have learned to use all of the following steps to my advantage and implement them as fundamental to my study technique. I learned that I cannot look over my class notes for comprehension of the material. Sadly, at the beginning of my college journey, I skimmed my notes and as a result, had mediocre to failing grades. I learned I needed to write out the material. If the material was too dense for me to jog down notes then I didn't understand the material. If the class notes were beyond four pages, then I summarized and focused on the key points. What makes my study technique different is I utilize my auditory learning as well. I talk my notes out, I break the concepts down to myself. Some times if a concept is difficult to understand I not only draw a diagram which appeals to both my kinesthetic and visual needs. I may pace up and down or walk around as I recite the concepts I am trying to understand. The key success of my study strategy is not to memorize without understanding. I do not move on to the next topic until I have a complete understanding of the current topic. Before I move on I start all over from the first thing I learned to the newest concept. In summary, I write out the main topics and details, I create diagrams to simplify complicated details, I verbal speak out the materials from beginning to end to ensure that I understand it. To ensure that I am ready for my exam I need to be able to answer any review questions asked without trying to remember how the textbook or teacher taught it, but how I understood the concept. In extreme cases, I may write a hard to remember detail in a different color, so that I am visually attracted and paying attention to that detail.

Nekechia from New York
College Freshman
SUNY Downstate Medical Center