Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation can look different depending on the class the quiz, test, or exam is for. My top strategy is to not procrastinate and not just study the night before or even the day of. Starting the test preparation a few days in advance helps me retain information better because I am not cramming the information in during a short period of time. I want to remember all the information, not just some so I break it up into a few days. Know the teacher or professors methodology to look for clues on what you can expect on future tests. I like to read my notes, rewrite my notes, and reread them again. This allows me to read it, write it, and read it again and I can recall the wording on the test later. Another strategy that would apply to a math class or class that involves numbers, is go back through homework assignments or in class problems and redo them on paper and in a calculator, and make sure you know how to key in the equation correctly. I do not want to make simple mistakes that cost me points when the calculator calculates the answer. I also like to make up practice problems or search for practice problems to do on my own without my notes, but after reading and rewriting the notes. During the test, I make sure to read the question once carefully, read it again and pick out any identifier words like "except" or "not," to know what I am looking for, and then go through the answers and mark as many as I can that are incorrect, hopefully leading to the correct answer.

So do not procrastinate, study for a few days in advance, know clues of the professors methodology for tests, reread and rewrite notes, go through previous homework or problems, generate practice problems, and finally read carefully.

Heather from Michigan
College Sophomore
Davenport University