Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a future medical student, I know I have a lot of studying ahead of me. However, I am not intimidated by this at all; in fact, I am excited for the opportunity to thrive in a rigorous academic setting. My parents, neither of whom have a college degree, have taught me to be grateful for opportunities I have to learn. That is why I ensure that I study thoroughly and vigorously, as to not lose that chance. By now, I have tailored a process that regards every major facet of studying.

I go through notes I took during in-class lectures first. I find it especially important to look at new vocabulary, as it provides a crucial foundation to studying the material. If the words discussed do not make sense, then it is near impossible to study successfully. If provided, I also review study aids from my teachers; those are usually helpful as they come directly from the test creator, so they will put what content they know is relevant to that of the test.

It is also absolutely helpful to look at worksheets, homework, and quizzes that cover the same material that is on the test. Through this, I am able to go through the content effectively, and see what I might have previously missed. After, I find practice on websites like Quizlet and Khan Academy to study further; this makes me far more prepared to apply the content later on.

After that, I contact classmates. This is important as it allows me to see a new perspective on the content. We are able to share new ideas and interpretations of the material, and that is incredibly valuable. If I find a discrepancy in my understanding, I do a quick internet search and use videos like Crash Course to realize what I missed.

At this point, I feel incredibly prepared, and I make sure to go to sleep at a good time. It is vital to do so to avoid being tired during the test; feeling refreshed is extremely important because it keeps me in the right mindset to work. Now, thanks to all the previous preparation, I am ready to get an A!

Bianca from Texas
High School Senior
George Ranch High School