Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In all of the years I have gone to school, I have tried many test preparation practices in order to get myself ready to ace the exam. I tried everything from writing everything out multiple times as repetition to tutors who just went over the basics. With all my knowledge of test preparation, I believe I have mastered the skills of being ready in order to feel confident about the test. I start by taking as best of notes as I can in class, I write down what ever I can to gain all the information needed. Once the unit is ending and the test is about a week away, I reorganize my notes. I fully categorize and color coordinate all the notes I have so they make sense to me. I feel doing this helps me get a better sense of the topic in my own terms. I then use all the resources I have to study, such as flashcards, extra school assignments and games. To finish my preparation I do the one thing that has saved me in the years of testing. I highlight. It may seem redundant but I enjoy writing out the notes, including all the extra information, once again. I then highlight everything, I get out my pack of 20 highlighters and color coordinate the information. This step is the savior to my test preparation for it makes me look at the page with content and calmness knowing its organized. So, once I have fully and finally rewrite the notes and highlight, I study and become fully confident in what I am testing on. If I could recommend highlighting or color coordinating note sheets to people for test preparation I would. It allows the mind to look at the page with tons of words and put the pieces together based on the color. Overall I have found the best test preparation I believe works for me and would suggest it to others who may need some extra tips when studying.

Grace from Minnesota
High School Senior
Mahtomedi High School