Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Anytime I have a test, I'm prone to putting off studying until the last minute. My test preparation practices reflect the limited amount of time I usually have to study. My very favorite way to study for a test is by using Quizlet. Their learn feature makes you correctly define each individual term in a set at least three times, which helps me become familiar enough with the terms to use their test feature. I also like playing the games they offer, because it's fun and I'm very competitive, so incentivizing my studying makes it far more enjoyable for me. I'm a quick learner, but for me, repetition is key for remembering things I will be tested on. I like to write down notes I've typed in class so that I see the information again, and in my own handwriting, which for some reason helps me remember what I need to know. If all else fails, I have great memory, and most times, I can get by on a test with just rereading my notes a few times. Rereading information is my most basic study technique, but it does work well for me in a pinch.

Addison from Texas
High School Senior