Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I prepare for a test in three ways. I will divide three stages so it is easy to follow for the reader. The first stage is the information collection. Assume there is a week's notice before the test. Want to review everything that was taught during that past week, if you took notes review your notes. It's not go back through your memory and analyze; searching for keywords or phrases such as "remember this" or "this will be on your test". The second stage has to do with all the information you collected. Everyone that studies in different ways so I will not elaborate on how to study however I will tell some tips for you to really get down did the small bits and pieces of information that you cannot remember.(sohcahtoa PEMDAS pythagorean theorem etc) they're always be the small terms or big terms that are hard to remember, so what I want you to do is take every term what problem that takes more than 3 times to remember and put it into group then stay those individually however times you missed it plus one (if x = times missed z = times you should study) x+1=z. The last phase is the most important one, the relaxation phase. Assuming that you've worked hard at study didn't procrastinate you're brain is probably racked full of terms, ideas and techniques and a good cool down is needed. Your brain is a muscle and like all muscles they get fatigued so it's important to take a break and rest before you start the test. You wouldn't warm up with a mile before you run a mile would you? Do something fun! Exercise, jump up and down, stretch, watch a movie, take a nap, Whatever Gets your nerves calm I created this set of rules help me study for every test and I have gotten all A's and B's ever since.

Britt from Ohio
High School Senior
Reynoldsburg High School