Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I was frustrated in middle school because I had not figured out which study techniques worked best for the type of student I am. As I entered high school, I realized the basis of test preparation is to plan ahead, stay organized and at times use different techniques depending on the subject. It is easy for me to get overwhelmed when I procrastinate. I have trained myself to not fall victim to that trap! For example, in my AP Literature or Spanish Honors classes, if I have an upcoming test that is memorization of information, I try to extract the most important things I think I will be tested on and make flash cards on Quizlet along the way. For my AP Physics, AP Statistics and AP Calculus classes repetition is the key for me. Both in going over and over the concepts from study guides and then I find every practice problem I can and do a few every day. Finally, I do several practice "tests" in the amount of time the actual test will be, for pacing purposes. Another technique I use for all my subjects is having a study partner. I benefit in certain situations from hearing the materials repeated back to me as well as saying the material out loud to someone else. I find working together with someone is very useful when I find myself feeling like I am not ready for the test, but yet I have dedicated a good amount of time to study. It is often that I have just hit a wall on my own and by engaging someone else, it reinvigorates my brain to retain the information better. I am very open to learning new test preparation practices as I graduate into college. Anything to make me more efficient and retain the materials better I would welcome.

Peyton from New Jersey
High School Senior
Tenafly High School