Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation methods were not always as strong as they are today. As a result of this, I was always I intimidated by tests. When I made it to my junior year of high school, I was determined to change my trajectory. I learned that teachers are usually willing to help students who ask for help. I realized I didn't have to do everything by myself. I found a solid group of friends to collaborate with during textbook reading. This was when I started to really have fun with school. All of my subjects started making sense, including math which had always been my weakest subject. Working with teachers and friends made me feel less isolated in my learning. I think it worked well for me because it gave me a variety of perspectives and opinions and techniques to learn from. Some people prefer working by themselves, and I understand that. However, I think that everyone has unique strengths that would not be of use to your learning unless you worked with them. Working with other people prevents you from limiting your learning capability. My friends have always kept me awake during long study nights and motivated me to keep going. I would not be half the student I am today without this learning strategy.

Alonso from Oregon
High School Senior
Westview High School