Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There's no way for us to know the best test preparation strategies for all of us, because no single individual is the same. And Procrastination does get the best of some of us. Although to give great insight on great test preparation. I myself find some useful strategies to help best prepare myself for a big test. I look at the material of what i'm studying for. I break it down on a little minute scale. Look at it over and over and memorize it. I apply myself to it and make it known that i need to know this information. I make it fun as well by even putting the little material into a little tune or poem that i can hum to myself. That can usually put it into my head and make it a stress free way to have remembered something. Sometimes I take the material and apply it to something it can relate. Like Benjamin Franklin being a founding father, I think well he founded the basis of electricity with that key and kite, so he IS a founding father. If I apply some things i don't know to things i know, it can click easier. Study, Study, Study is the name of the game, and you should always study to stay ahead of the curve. I use flashcards to help be able to quickly memorize some of the material. Matching games can help with matching definitions and realizing it'll come quicker. It doesn't always have to be harsh studying with me. I make it fun as well. That i think is the best way to learn instead of stressing out about it when there's a bigger picture. I hope some of these tips are helpful and create a stress free process to tackle on a big test. These strategies of mine have helped me be able to be successful on my tests, and i hope they can help others.

Jonathan from Texas
High School Senior
Clear Lake High School