Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

One of the best test preparations I have done is Khan Academy. Khan Academy offers free test preparations for the SAT and other standardized test offered. Khan Academy also offers test prep for the ACT, as well as subject videos for different course like Calculus, Algebra, Economics, and other courses offered in schools. Even though Khan Academy worked for me, it will not necessarily work for others. Finding the best test prep means you must know what type of learner you are. For me, I am a visual learner, so it is easier for me to learn complex lessons from things like written examples, pictures, and graphs. Just hearing the information aloud or writing it down does not work for me, I need a visual aid to fully understand. Other test preparations like practice tests and notes also work for me as well. Practice tests help me very much because they give me a sense of what kinds of questions would be on the exam or test. If the test is timed, practice tests are even more effective for me. They help me with time management and how to better read and interpret the questions in a more effective way. In some instances, no test preparation works better for me. I do better on certain tests when I have no test prep because some tests are more common sense versus memory and information. Personally I prefer tests that are not memory heavy because when I study, sometimes I feel like I am not truly receiving the information, I feel like it is more of “information regurgitation.” Information regurgitation is when one “crams” a copious amount of information in a short amount of time only to know it for a test. The problem is, one does not truly know the information, and it is simply forgotten the minute after the test. Analytical tests are easier for me because it requires real-world applications. Tests like those, I prefer to use practice tests. In the end, I think test preparation has helped me for a number of reasons. One, it helps me to conclude what preparations work best.

Amirrah from North Carolina
High School Senior
Wilmington Christian Academy