Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The bast way to learn is by teaching the material to someone else. The ability to teach another means you have mastered the knowledge. The way I practiced for the SAT, an important test for many, was inviting some of my friends to study groups as we went through the practice SAT as well as the online one. We'd sit in a study room at our campus and spend two to four hours studying over and over again. It would become tedious the more we did it but it did help, at least in my case it did. During these study groups, we'd ask each other questions on how to breakdown problems so they wouldn't seem as intimidating. Especially in math word problems, we found that highlighting important numbers and underlining important context definitely helped simplify the problem. Something that really helped during math exams was reviewing math notes and flashcards that I began in freshman year up until the current date, but that's extreme. Not many people usually save those but I do believe its helpful to review your own notes. Your own notes and flashcards have you annotations and highlights which help identify what was most difficult. My junior year, my teacher gave us SAT vocabulary lists to help us expect what kind of words that could be expected in the English portion. A majority of the words were prefixes. It helped break down difficult words that we didn't understand. We would test every Friday on the prefixes through platforms such as quizlet and kahoot. Flash cards are insanely helpful for me. Flash cards can help you quiz yourself easily on important terms and vocabulary. Flash cards also come in 100 for $1. If your are in a lecture and your teacher says "this will be on the test", it is quick and easy to jot it down on a flash card. Tutors are also very helpful. During my junior yer I had a very stressful time with intermediate algebra so I asked for help from a tutor and I passed. School is stressful but not impossible to get through. It is also always okay to ask for help.

Crystal from California
High School Senior
Moreno Valley High School