Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have always been a doer. My learning style is kinesthetic, meaning I have to do something or practice something hands on repeatedly to get it to etch itself into my head. So because of this, I study best by practicing over and over again. I do practice tests and questions provided by my textbook or in the absence of any practice questions provided by my course material, I will go online and search out similar practice problems in ensure that the concept is firmly etched into my mind. It is hard for me to retain information just by simply memorizing. I have to be able to practice the process. I am an International Economics major, which means that I deal with a lot of equations. In order to remember how to use an equation, I can't just simply memorize the equation. My brain just won't recall the information. This is especially true when I have multiple equations to remember for a test, I can't keep them all straight in my head. However, if I do practice problems with each equation, instead of just memorizing the equation, I can recall the process of utilizing it to answer the problem. Now, this method is not without it's drawbacks. It tends to take longer than simply reviewing material by reading or watching a video because you have to spend more time on each question for each concept. However, I believe that it helps me move the material from my short term memory to my long term memory better than any other method. When I simply read a textbook, the information is stored into my head for a short amount of time. However, when I repeatedly practice a concept, it gets more permanently etched into my mind. It is said that we can recall 10% of what we read, 50% of what we see and hear, and 90% of what we do. Practicing the material encourages retaining the material and the best way to do that is by doing practice exams and questions. After all, practice makes perfect.

Saryn from Texas
College Sophomore
Texas Tech University