Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I graduated nursing school with my associate’s degree back in 2014. When I was studying for my NCLEX, I was someone who invested in a study videos and practice questions booklets to help me pass the exam on the first try. As a person who has test anxiety and struggles with standardized tests, I understand the importance of high-quality test preparation packages. A visual learner like myself depends on flashcards, media, and tangible objects. Despite my test anxiety, I understand they are the gateway to higher education and know that tests and school go hand in hand! This fall, I will be entering graduate school while working full time as a pediatric nurse to eventually obtain my Masters in Nursing degree. Even though my unit at work does not require certification, I have decided to expand my knowledge by sitting for the Certified Pediatric Nursing exam. I am a proponent of higher education because I know that it ultimately makes me a better nurse. On a personal level, passing the CPN exam also gives me the sense of fulfillment that I can do anything I set my mind to despite my fears.
When I purchased the Mometrix test taking study guide for the CPN exam, the introductory story hit close to home. I relate to the person who has taken an exam with little preparation only to find out they had failed it and the embarrassment that comes after when everyone else is celebrating their achievement and I have to sit quietly—defeated and ashamed. However, with all failed moments comes redemption! A visual study guide works well for me because I am able to see and picture the content. I have always like flash cards as well because they are handy visual aid guides that I can use on the go. I hope to make the CPN exam my next triumph in my education journey prior to starting graduate school in the Fall. To me, it will validate that I can do anything I set my mind to and reminds me that I am more than just my past failures.

christal from California
College Junior
university of washington