Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Usually around two weeks before a test, I start by making an outline of all the chapters I need to study that I know will be on the test. The outline includes the chapter titles and all the headings within that chapter. Then I usually do a deep read-through of all the chapters, handouts and notes that I have taken during the unit. While I am doing this I highlight all of the important facts or vocabulary words that I know are vital to my understanding of the unit and will most likely be on the test. After I have highlighted all of the important information, I add those to the outline to make sure all my notes are in one spot. I usually hand-write these notes because that is how I learn best. I often do not retain information as well if I type it or read it off of a computer, so it really helps me to write these notes by hand and read them off the notebook paper. I then make flashcards from all the facts that I pulled out from my notes and the textbook. This allows me to study quicker and easier since the notecards take up a lot less room than my notes and my textbooks do. Using the flashcards makes it easy to study in-between classes or during breaks at work because they fit easily into my bag while still holding a lot of important information. Then about a week before the test, I go back over my outline, the textbook and my notes to make sure I am not missing anything important that may be on the test. If I am getting bored of the flashcards, I sometimes will make practice tests based on the format of previous tests I have taken in that class or what the professor told me the test may look at. This allows me to make sure I really know the material. All of these things make it easier to make sure that I am studying the most important data from the unit, and starting early helps me not procrastinate to the point of getting a bad grade!

Abigail from Ohio
College Junior
Xavier University