Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is very important. I am not good at taking tests. I have testing anxiety. Sometimes it seems I forget everything I have studied for due to testing anxiety. I like to prepare for tests by taking notes, reading the material and doing any work related activities. For me, writing in color helps me to remember things. I will write down important notes and highlight the key points. Then I will read over it a few times and it helps me to retain the information.
Next I would read the chapter and high light the most important parts. I will read it until I feel like I understand the main idea. Sometimes I will make flashcards to help also. You can have a friend or family member use the flashcards to ask questions. Sometimes for me hearing and seeing the material helps me to remember.
Lastly, I will do any assignments related to the material. There are normally quizzes or assignments to help you better understand the material.

Lisa from North Carolina
College Freshman
Liberty Universirty