Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Make a game of taking notes during class and while doing the homework assignment. I find a study buddy in each of one of my classes. We both take notes in class and when reading the corresponding book/chapter/or doing the assignment. The following two days we read over our notes from class and out of class assignments. The third day we reduce the pages of notes onto note cards. This cycle continues between one test to another. We both continue to read the note cards every evening before going to sleep. After a few days we swap note cards and study them (lets us both know if we missed something or if the other person is perceiving a subject differently). Two days before the test we meet for a meal and talk though everything that will be covered on the test.
We continue this same method throughout the entire semester. When the semester ends we both have note cards for everything covered in the class. We then prepare to study for the final exam by meeting at one of our houses, ordering a pizza, flipping all (both of our) note cards upside down on the dinning room table. We each select a card and quiz each other. If we get it right the card goes in an "it's complete" pile. If incorrect, we refer to our notes/book for be sure we 100% understand and the note card is returned upside down to the table to be selected again after reviewing additional note cards. This system has made a healthy grade competition between me and my study pals and this has started a fun study system for many other friends at school. All of our grades have increased tremendously and it has worked for us. The system gives you time to study along and with others making it repetitive and fun. Today I am a high school senior and intend on taking this same system to college with me. I will be in school with different people but feel for sure I can find some new study buddies. It makes studying exciting and challenging. Helps me remember the material covered and grades!!

Garret from North Carolina
High School Senior
Lee County Senior High