Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My best test preparation practices involve creating an outline and homemade test, and my best-kept secret to success, my thirteen-year-old daughter.
Nothing brings me more anxiety that looking at my handwritten notes from each class, trying to figure out which chapter they belong to and align them into a study guide for an upcoming test. Instead, I type all of my notes into one Word document. You may be asking, Why do I write my notes and then still type them as well? The answer is simple. For starters, writing the material as I am learning it and then revisiting it and typing it creates a second layer of retention for me. People learn best when they have more than one means of learning. Secondly, it is difficult to organize hand-written notes or even correct a mistake you made on your written notes. Typing my notes makes creating an outline easy to edit and organize. Besides, the Word document is where my Type A personality really gets to shine, using highlighter, bullet points and bold font for added remembrance.
Once I have my outline and homemade test to study from, I then break out my secret weapon….my daughter. The idea here is that it is better to have someone else quiz you on the material. For us, the added benefit is time well spent, shared learning and her occasionally debunking the guru.

Ashlee from New Jersey
College Junior
Thomas Edison State University