Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Practice, practice, practice! In order to become better at something, I have to practice. Sometimes that means using a resource like Quizlet, and other times I make old-fashioned flashcards. If I am trying to learn and remember a very specific phrase, I often create a mnemonic device to help me. For something like the SAT or an AP exam, practice tests work wonders. The tools are not the most important part, however. As previously mentioned, practice is what helps me the most. By using the tools to practice, I am able to truly learn the material. With a resource like Quizlet, I can make flashcards, add pictures, and use them any time I have a free moment. The app gives me access to my study sets from anywhere and I do not have to worry about losing them. I can practice whenever I have my phone, which has been really helpful for me. Even five minutes of practice with the app can help me learn my vocabulary terms for upcoming tests. When I am at home, old-fashioned flashcards can be useful as well. I can lay them out on the floor and see everything I need to learn and remove the cards I already know. This helps me focus my practice and make it more effective. One trick I have learned is to make up songs or rhyming phrases to remember specific things. This strategy has helped me remember names, dates, and key processes. After coming up with a good mnemonic device, I can practice at any time. The song or rhyme I create is available whenever I need it, and I can practice without any physical resources. Perhaps the most helpful tool I have come across is practice tests. Using practice tests helped me drastically improve my SAT scores and have helped me pass all of my AP exams. They are crucial to my performance on these higher stakes exams because they simulate the real thing. I can use previous test questions to become accustomed to the types of questions I may be asked. Overall, many forms of practice have been the key to my success throughout my academic career.

Michaela from South Carolina
High School Senior
Westwood High School