Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I started college about four years after graduating high school. I decided that I needed to do something to better myself as well as my families well-being. As I began my path into college, I was nervous about how my study habits may be lacking from my break from school. I immediately starting looking up different way to study and test taking tips that may help me get back into that "groove" that most are in when going through grade school. When I was in school, testing was never a big deal for me. College proved to me that I needed to put forth more effort than I had in the past. I began by reading the material like a book and trying to retain what i was reading. This method did not work for me because of the distractions from family and work that I now have. This is a method that I used in grade school, but I did not have near the distractions that I do today. The next method was using flash cards. This method was helpful for some sections of study, but did not help with the majority. As I continued my research, I read up on a method that sounded very promising. This method consisted of practice testing, self-quizzing, and using a study partner if possible. Lucky for me, my father is also going to school and we have been doing our best to get into the same courses. This method helped us both. We were able to take it one section at a time and quizzed each other every chance we got. This method is a very hands on style of learning. Putting the questions in front of me and having to answer the question conditioned my brain into that test taking mode. It helped my to use context clues in questions to better my process of elimination skills and also gave my the confidence to take test. There are many styles of learning and each person learns in different ways. Taking the time to figure out what method helps you best can significantly improve your test taking skills and overall success in school.

CONNOR from Nebraska
College Sophomore
Columbia Southern University