Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying has never been an easy task for me to accomplish. Many times I'd rather take my chances with jumping feet first into the test than actually attempting to study, generally with mixed results as one could imagine. However, I've managed to find a strategy to get myself to study and accomplish satisfactory scores on tests. An added plus is that it isn't difficult to accomplish, which is useful for people like me that struggle with procrastination and school work.
The first step to my studying strategy starts long before the test. As soon as a new lesson begins, I direct as much attention as possible toward it, and ask plenty of questions. I try my best to ensure that I understand the lessons as they're taught. This can save me some of the additional stress that confusion over the source material causes down the road, as I scramble to grasp the content with the test right on the horizon. It pays to pay attention and use class time efficiently. Furthermore, keeping notes is a definite recommendation, even if the teacher/professor doesn't require it. Learn to find key ideas and track them in your notes, and develop a system to keep them organized so you can call back on these ideas later should you need to.
After having done this through the lesson and learning the date of the test, I gather these main ideas and important themes into a single location as a sort of review sheet (if one isn't provided by the instructor). From there, you can review the concepts as many times as you feel is necessary and even commit them to memory if that's the way you like to study. Personally, I tend to only review it a single time the night before the test, and potentially once on the day of, ensuring the material is fresh in my mind while also not burning myself out on it too early. By applying this strategy, I've managed to maintain my honor roll status for most years at East Mountain High School alongside a GPA of 3.56.

Shea from New Mexico
High School Senior
East Mountain High School