Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a senior taking 6 Advanced courses, studying is one of the most vital components of my academic life. For my math classes, my habits are a little tedious. I will typically receive some form of homework from my teachers either online, from a book, or on a sheet of paper. After completing the assignment, I will wait or move onto another subject-sometimes I wait a day or just a short time interval depending on when I need to be prepared for testing. This allows what I call a “settling” period: where the information sits on my brain but isn’t fresh so that I can come back later, redo the entire assignment as if it were new, but avoid mistakes I may have made the first time around. This method has proved very impactful for me because with math there are numerous tricks that can come up so the key is to just train your brain to recognize such. Moving on to classes like AP economics, environmental science, and DC history I change the way I study mainly because these courses are more centered around unchanging information and memorization. The biggest tool for informational courses is the dreaded flashcards. This is beneficial however, more recently I have turned towards creating Quizlet decks because it has a testing option so that I am more challenged when looking for answers. This works best because it sets up a kind of testing environment, similar to what you have in the classroom, and aids in focus on the topic at hand. My last course this year is DC English literature and it is based mostly on essay writing and reading material. The only study tactic I have in this class is staying up to date with the provided reading schedule and reviewing my old high scoring essays to see what got me points in preparation for future writing assignments. All of these study habits have helped me greatly and have aided in my academic achievements in High school that has given me the opportunity to study at Columbia University, an IVY league institution, in the fall of 2019.

Rachel from Texas
High School Senior
Rowlett High School