Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For me, repetition is the best test prep for me. Take Spanish for example. Speaking Spanish is harder to practice because they can give you a worksheet, but there's not a great way to get students to practice speaking. What I like to do is making it fun, because yes, doing extra homework that won't be graded on top of all that tother life stuff is hard. So what I do is record myself reading stories I wrote, since I have to do 20 minute writings anyways. That way, I can get practice listening too when I want to listen to something while doing math. Another way is including it in word games. Scrabble played in Spanish, Spot it, PDQ, Unspeakable, are all great games I've found that I can do in Spanish and get some speaking practice with others.
So that's just Spanish but the concept can expand to other subjects. Repetition, though, is my key. And if there's trou le in one subject over all, creatively involving it elsewhere in my life so I have more exposure to it.
Is doing literature analysis more difficult? Write a short story based off one theme and one prompt, just 20 minutes, and try to incorporate them together. Finding math difficult? Try to apply the problem's concept to something in your life, think of it more conceptually. Still doesn't work? Just know how to do it, ignore understanding completely until you can ask someone for help. Always ask for help if you need it.
But for a test? By practicing the material up until the test, which is what homework does anyways, there's not much prep needing to be done. For material if it's older, then review the work you did initially. Notes, homework, individual practice. But it's easier to review if the information is cemented from the beginning.

Lillian from Michigan
High School Senior
City High middle school