Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation practices are guaranteed to make me a straight A student! I have a very strong work ethic and I am determined to do my best in everything I take on. The night before a lecture I make sure to go through the work that will be covered the next day. By doing this i am prepared for the lesson and I can understand what the lecturer is saying better since i've already gone through the work once before. During lectures I am very attentive and practice active listening. I make notes during class and write down all the tips a lecturer gives away. When class ends I usually go to the library or a quiet area on campus to go through all my notes for the day. A quiet and organized area is essential for me to focus on my work and avoid any environmental distractions. I get out all my study materials and stationary, then I start reading through the notes I made during the day. Then I go through any extra resources such as using a textbook or the internet to find more information on the topic. I add all these extra notes to the notes I already have on the topic and I make sure to highlight or colorfully underline everything that is very important . Color and cute borders around important information helps the text to stand out when I am studying and makes it easier for me to remember or refer back to.
When studying for tests I first read through my work a few times to get a broad understanding of the topic. Then I start reading my notes out loud- this helps me remember the information faster. After reading it outloud a few times I put my notes away and talk through the work- explaining it to myself like Im a teacher.Often when Im lying in bed the night before a test I go through all my work in my head before I let myself fall asleep. The morning of the test I say my work out loud again and explain it to myself in depth while i'm getting ready.
All of these things help me prepare well for my tests and get good results for my hard work.

Nikita from California
College Sophomore
California Baptist University