Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My biggest test taking strategy is to start practicing far beyond when the actual or final test happens! This sounds like an obvious piece of advise, but it cannot be expressed ever enough. In my personal experience, more people than not waited until junior year to take the SAT for the first time and often was a big mistake! I had the opportunity to take the ACT for the first time in seventh grade and although I did not do great on it, it still prepared me for the test-taking environment I have carried with me to high school and will beyond. Even with a little bit of studying, your score has the potential to grow tremendously every single time you take the exam. These strategies apply to any test and not just college preparation ones specifically. Another piece of advice I would recommend to anyone struggling with test-taking other than familiarizing yourself with the test would be to relax and do not do anything out of the ordinary for you on the day of the test. One thing a lot of people hear is to go to bed early or to eat a big breakfast, but do not do this if this is not something you personally do not do. The reason for this is eating too much could make your stomach upset and distract you on the test and even getting more sleep than you usually do may offset how you function and do things. Test-taking days are absolutely not the days to change your usual routine. Though it may be tempting to cram in all those useful mathematical equations the night before the test, spend time doing what you like doing whether that be spending time with going to see a movie or just having a relaxing night with your dog at home. There is not need to stress out about the test because in a lot of cases, you have the chance to retake the test if you really did not receive the score you anticipated on getting. Lastly, I want you to realize that one test does not define you, all of your life abilities, or your entire of your future. Make yourself proud and just do your best.

Hannah from Texas
High School Senior
Reedy High School