Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Reviews, flashcards, textbooks, oh my! While constantly reviewing practice exams, creating flashcards, and overreading the textbook are acceptable ways to prepare for exams, they are mundane and common. Uniquely, I find the best way to prepare for exams is to find the simplicity and humor in the subject. This is in the form of memes. A meme, by definition, is an element of a culture that may be passed from one individual to another by imitation. Simply, a meme is a joke or quip expressed by pictures/captions/comics that relate to a particular subject. Relating this to test preparation, especially for tougher or more complicated subjects, memes add another level of knowledge and understanding to the concepts being studied because it is proven that making quips/jokes from subjects creates a more advanced level of mastery to the topic. For example, when I have a difficult time understanding organic chemistry compound nomenclature, instead of making flashcards, I create memes by looking at the compound and its name to figure out how to make a pun/joke from it (to illustrate, I may draw the compound "formaldehyde" then draw the same compound, but with a T-shirt drawn on it and call it "casual-aldehyde"). This brings interest and creativity to my studies, which keeps me focused and engaged in my test preparation. Memes also apply to mathematics studies, for one can draw the different graphical illustrations of sin(x), cos(x), etc. in the form of a person doing some dance moves (there the y-axis is the stick person's head and back, and the equations are the arms of the person). Mathematics majors and gurus will understand that by replacing flashcards with the equation/graphical illustration simply written on either side with fun and humorous drawings to remember such topics will better engrave it into the studier's long-term understanding/memory. To be clear, memes engage the student to better understand the subjects for the exam than simple flashcards or textbook reading.

Alexis from Texas
College Junior
Texas A&M University College Station