Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When it comes to studying for a test I start by reading and taking notes on the material for the exam. As I am taking notes I highlight the vocabulary words in one color and key concepts in another color and the concepts I am struggling to understand in another color. Once I have finished all the material for the exam I go back over my notes and make flashcards of the vocabulary words, key concepts, and concepts I am struggling with so that I can test myself on the material. Another key aspect of my studying process is that I start studying at least a week before the exam so that I have the proper amount of time to grasp the concepts. Along with studying a week in advance I set aside a few hours each day to take time to go through my flash cards and even invest the help of family members to test me with my flashcards. It is also wonderful when professors provide study guides and I make sure to use these to my advantage and go through the study guide completely to write down my complete answers in full sentences because I feel if I write short answers I may not remember the full answers so I make sure to write full ideas so that it is all clear for me to read and look back on. I feel my methods of test preparation work for me because I focus on being thorough and understanding all the material that is going to be on the test so that I spare myself the stress and have confidence in myself when I take my exams because I know I have put in the time to learn the material and I know it will lead to a great pay off of a good grade.

Alexis from California
College Sophomore
Cosumnes River College