Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am a very forgetful person so tests are super tedious for me to do. Of course this doesn’t stop me from trying to do my best on them. No way, it is the total opposite. I have created ways to help me study and prepare for an upcoming exam. This is going to sound silly, but bear with me because I can confirm this works. First off, I start off my day with a good night sleep along with a healthy diet consisting of anything I eat, but always include at least one apple in every meal. It makes a huge difference mentally and physically for me and keeps me more awake and focused in class. I haven’t been sick for nearly 2 years since trying to apple diet. Next, I gather all my notes from the class and organize the valuable information that I know I am going to need in order to pass the test with. I get the information and write them down as lyrics and pick a song to back it up with. ANY song works, but i’m a big rap fan so I tend to work with songs that have nice beats to them. I play the song instrumentally in the background as I record myself rapping the notes to the beat. Personally, i’m not Beyonce and think my voice is quite dreadful to listen to so goofing off and using auto tune to make my voice sound like a chipmunk definitely helps both my ears and confidence in listening to it. Now depending on how much I decided to procrastinate on preparing for a test, I would listen to my homemade mix tape of notes as much as possible to get the songs stuck in my head as much as I can. Another really cool solution is listen to those songs before bed or while trying to sleep, depending on how relaxing I made the song. It’s super helpful for people such as myself, who don’t have too much time to sit down and read through hours of notes. I can use this method on the go and the best part is I can sleep peacefully at decent time so I’m ready for the next day.

Alexzandria from California
High School Senior
Pittsburg High